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IF 6000 repair flux

INTERFLUX® IF 6000 repair flux is developed for manual soldering operations and selective fluxing operations for lead-bearing and lead-free applications. The IF 6000 flux allows manual soldering with extended contact time. At soldering temperatures, the flux will remain active for a longer time then conventional selective soldering fluxes. It is very suitable for soldering operations where long contact times between the soldering iron and the solder pad is needed, for big solder surfaces and finishes with limited wettability, fore SMD soldering and desoldering techniques.
IF 6000 is halogen free. The flux can leave a slight residue after soldering.


IF 6000 repair flux


The IF 6000 flux can be obtained in a handy refillable and non-refillable flux pen that allows easy application of the flux.
The IF 600 can be applied using the Interflux® Flux Pen, brush, or other local fluxing methods. Prior to soldering. The minimal residue can be removed easily with solvent based cleaners.
RoHS Compliance Certificate
RoHS Compliance if-lf-61 RoSH Compliance Certificate


Technical specifications



j-std-004a class.
halide content


RO/ L0

  technical data sheet
safety data sheet



Interflux IF 6000 repair flux
is available per piece, in 500ml and 1l PE bottles

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